Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Perfect Day!

Some days raising two kids, keeping up with the household chores, staying in touch with friends and family and just breathing can be a tall order to fill. Some days are good and some days I try to forget. What makes a perfect day for me? Hmmm.
- To have both kids wake up happy!
- Have a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner ready on schedule.
- A clean house.
- Chores done.
- Fun outings planned and executed without meltdowns, whining or crying.
- Naps accomplished.
- Baths and bedtime on schedule.
- No arguments, time-outs or sibling rivalry throughout the day.

Some days I seem to have the perfect day, and some days seem to fall apart right after breakfast. Sometimes I have to stop and ask God what kind of day he wants us to have. Maybe a day spent in pj's, picnics on the floor and goldfish for dinner are okay with Him! Maybe it's okay if they go to bed with peanut butter on their faces and sand in their hair! I need to learn to let God schedule my day as to accomplish the goals he has in store for us. So when I think that way, there is no need for the perfect day!

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Hannah said...

love this, its so true!