Sunday, June 14, 2009

George goes swimming!

All was not well in our house today, for poor George went for a swim. Who's George you ask, swim where you say? George would be Chase's stuffed animal Curious George, and the preferred swimming hole was the potty. I heard the two cohorts laughing quietly in the bathroom (loud laughter is usually safer than quietly laughter) and went in to investigate. I found the two of them watching George as he sat in Chase's potty seat on the potty! We have lost some binks (pacifiers) and cars to the porcelain swimming hole, but never a stuffed animal. I calmly explained to Chase that the potty was a place people to pee and poop and not toys . I grabbed poor George by the hand and led him to the trash, to be his final resting place. Chase of course had a huge meltdown and ended up in time-out! I know it sounds harsh, but I wanted Chase to get the point and not to do it again. At the moment, George is in a plastic bag awaiting my decision on his fate. I may try to wash him or just pull out the spare we have. Ahh, life with a three-year-old!!!

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