Saturday, May 23, 2009

Belated Presents!

Jordan and I are trying to fix up the front of our house little by little, even though that is very hard for me. So for my birthday I asked my parents for a bench to put on our front porch. Well since my birthday was in January and patio furniture isn't really in high demand in the dead of winter, I had to wait. So Mothers Day weekend my parents took me out to pick out a bench. I wanted something simple but cute and I finally found the perfect one. My mom bought me some hanging baskets for out porch for Mothers Day, they really make the front of the house look nice. The funny thing is that everyone who comes into my house hits their head on the basket, it is really getting hilarious. Look up people!!!

Now that Chase has a workbench (birthday present), he has been using his tools all over the house. He was so excited to help daddy put the screws in, unfortunately daddy just wanted to finish the project!

Finished!! I love it. Now I need to get some flowers around it.

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