Thursday, May 14, 2009

3 Years Old!

It's amazing to me how fast 3 years goes by. I remember that scary day when Chase was born and I thought that he might not make it. I remember having to leave the hospital empty handed and trusting strangers to care for my most treasured gift. I remember the day we took him home from the hospital, fragile and small. I remember feeling peace, that God would protect his child.

Chase is a "Mama's Boy" to the fullest. He can be sweet and sensitive, but is very strong-willed and stubborn. He lives each day with a burst of energy. He always has a colorful expression on his face and a crazy thought in his head. I love to watch his face tense with thought when faced with a challenge and then gleam with satisfaction. He has definitely been a challenging child with all of his temper tantrums, attitudes and moods, but I have learned to rise to the challenge. In three years I have learned: never ever wake him up, always have a snack ready, be consistent with discipline and never ever skip his nap! I never thought I could love someone so much until my eyes saw him. Happy Birthday Chase, mommy and daddy love you!!!!
(Chase at 3 months old)

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