Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lord, are you teaching me to vacuum???

Tuesday afternoon the kids were playing in the den and I walked into the kitchen to wash a bottle for Mariah. I heard her coughing, but didn't think much of it because we are all sick. After a minute or two I heard a gasp and ran in to see Mariah fall back and stop breathing. I grabbed her up and screamed for Jordan. I laid her face down in my arms and started back blows. After about 3o sec she coughed up a large piece of wood, who the heck knows where she got that. Of course she was fine, but it really scared me. That happened to Chase at about the same age at Mom's house. After I calmed down I was thinking of what God could possibly be teaching me through this incident, and then I thought, Lord are you teaching me to vacuum??

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