Monday, November 24, 2008

Growing Boy!

I have been teaching Chase his colors for a while now, but he is finally starting to master it. Just about 100% of the time he gets it right. Well, Chase's sippy cups change colors when they are cold. His cup has a purple top and a blue cup bottom when room temp, and filled with drink it is all purple. The other day it was filled with apple juice (of course) and I asked him what color it was. He said the top was purple but the bottom was blue. I corrected him, but he insisted that he was right and I said forget it. Later he came to me with the room temp cup (now blue) and said "See mama, its blue." Well I stand corrected!!!!!

Saturday night I was trying to get Chase to bed while Mariah was screaming her lungs out. I was trying to rush the bedtime routine and I told him that if he hurried up and went to bed he would see Grammy and Grandaddy(my parents) in the moring at church. The next morning he woke up and the first thing he said was "Church mama, see Grammy and Grandaddy." What a memory, so much for bribing him at bedtime, he will surely remember.

As Mariah is growing I am seeing how big Chase is getting. I miss my little baby boy, but I am enjoying every new experience of preschoolhood with him. This picture reminds me of my baby munchkin.

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