Friday, August 29, 2008

First week & first bath!

Our first week home with Mariah has been a lot of fun. Chase is getting along with her remarkable well. He loves his "ya ya" and tells her constantly. Other than the fact that she is nocturnal, everything has been pretty easy going. Apparently a lot of babies take a while to adjust to being semi awake during the day and sleeping soundly at night. Mariah is pretty mellow so far, though we know that the sleeping-all-the-time routine will probably end soon. We had a weight check on friday and she was almost up to her birth weight, that was encouraging. I am enjoying every minute of her, but most of all I am enjoying being home with Jordan. The police schedule is hard for me to adjust to, so I look forward to spending this time off with him. It is going to be a little rough at first if Jordan has to go back and work midnights, I am praying for the day shift!! Thank you all for your prayers and meals!!! I love not cooking. Hope you enjoy the pics of her first week here!

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Rachel said...

Oh thanks so much for having this blog Megan! It is so good to see so many pictures of the new babe. Congratulations!!!